Hi Ann

I would like to thank you for all your help and advice when we were looking for a puppy. We had a lot of questions and needed a dog to fit in with our family. I wanted an energetic dog to train for agility, but we also needed a dog to be calm around our son who has Asperger’s syndrome.

We are the proud owners of Bob, who is now 6 months old. He is such a good boy, full of fun, loving and very patient. He loves to play, but is also ready for a cuddle especially with Lewis who adores him. Bob also gets on well with our other dog a 13 year old Labrador. I cannot praise him enough. Thank you for Breckamore Bob.

Claire Abbott

As first time dog owners my husband and I wanted to find out as much as we could about our carefully chose breed of dog so we telephoned Ann and arranged to see her dogs and talk about the breed.  Ann answered all our questions and by the end of the visit we were happy that we had chosen the right breed to suit our lifestyle and we felt confident that we would get a good puppy from Ann.  Over the next few months Ann kept us up-to-date with proceedings regarding the planned puppies.  Nine months later we collected our puppy, Banjo.  We have had him 8 months now and can’t imagine life without him.  He has a wonderful temperament, both with adults, children and other dogs and is very loving and loyal.  We cannot imagine a better breed of dog and are constantly stopped by people saying what a beautiful, splendid boy he is.  We still keep in contact with Ann and would certainly have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody considering a smooth coated collie puppy.”
Dr & Mrs Kyffin          


Hi Ann
Just thought I’d drop you a quick line to let you know how Patty is getting on. She’s settling in well, meeting lots of friends and family which she has taken in her stride. Puppy classes are going well, she learnt sit stand and down in no time at all and her recall is brilliant. She’s grown too as I discovered the other day when she had both paws flat on the kitchen table! Luckily I’m used to keeping things out of reach of my grandson! She’s settles every evening in her crate really well and we don’t hear from her until we get up in the morning.
Hope all is well with you and you will soon be enjoying your new grandson.
Best wishes

“My initial contact with Ann was whilst gathering information about the breed. Her reply to a total stranger was informative, friendly and very helpful. Some 30+ emails passed between us and photos of weekly development of the litter were much appreciated. She was supportive and hugely patient with us at all times and the trek up the M1 was worth every mile…

We are now the proud owners of a bright, bold and beautiful Breckamore babe who is un-phased by her London life and has made the transition with a complete lack of fuss. I was heartened to note that the Breckamore dogs are hale and hearty and lead a true country life. They have great smiles as well, happy dogs! We’ve owned 2 Shelties and a Rough Collie and I must say that I am now a total convert to the Smooth Collie. Ann was fantastic with us and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about having a Smooth Collie in their life to consider a Breckamore.”

Kirsten Allen & Family London


Hello Ann Just a couple of photos to give you an update on Bumble. He is such a lovely dog – very sweet natured and friendly. We are thrilled with him and he is loved by all the family. Regards, Pauline